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First published: 17 November 2014
Last update:17 November 2014
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Small Ant carries Big Beetle
Three Beetles are having Sex
Ants, Plant Lice and a ladybug
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Bee is sucking Nectar
Spider kills Bee
Butterfly is sucking Nectar
Albi Zweistein´s Adventures with a Microscope
A lot of my clips about nature – some of them are indeed very short – are meant to look at different and mostly astonishing aspects of nature, to watch and enjoy, what is: to consume only.

Not so the “Albi Zweistein” videos. These shall motivate you to make experiments of your own – and on your own. And they are meant to help you trying new things. These videos shall spur your creative and active self.

The invention of the character “Albi Zweistein” was based on a whole bunch of different thoughts and ideas, the most important being:

Improving the attractiveness of the channel and of nature itself also for younger people.

Encouraging everybody to participate in the development of the channel by asking questions, making suggestions, in short: communicating with me.

The first “Albi Zweistein” video was published on my channel “rofilm nature” in November 2014. It´s the video “Albi Zweistein´s Adventures with a Microscope”. More were (and are) to follow.

So, don´t be shy!
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