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First published: 24 June 2014
Last update: 24 June 2014
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The Creek
Part 1: Rolava Springs
The Creek
Part 2: Abandoned Lands
The Creek - Announcment
The Creek - Announcement
37 km of history. 37 km of a beautiful nature.
Abandoned villages and newly flourishing small towns.
Two world wars, at least three revolutions, two times terror and dictatorship – all in only 100 years.
Prior to that: about 400 years of foreign rule, of abandoning home, returning, again abandoning and anew returning to the homelands of the ancestors.
37 km and a lot to tell.
Following the course of the creek “Rolava” I'm telling stories from and about the people who lived, worked and suffered at its banks. People who were pushed back and forth by Europe's changeful history.

There will be interviews with contemporary witnesses or their direct descendants.
There will be reports about ancient celebrations and about actual ones, about struggles and about happiness along the creek's rippling waters.
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