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What is it all about?
The Sound of Water and Ice in its Environmental and Social Context
from all Over the World
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The Details of the Project:
What should be recorded?
The Details of the Project:
Technical aspects
and documentation
The Details of the Project:
Rights and Law and Money and all this formality thing
The Details of the Project:
How am I going to use your files?
Video files:
Every - and I repeat it - every video about you recording the sounds will be published. It will be published as it is. It will not be a part of the composition, but a part of the documentation about this project.

I hope there will be a lot of videos and a lot of people watching their work and the work of the others, who have taken part in this project.
Sound files:
I will listen to every sound file you record. And I will carefully search your recorded sound file to find smaller or larger parts I can use in the composition.
Some parts may stay unchanged and may find their way into the composition just as they are.

Other parts may be processed in different ways and may undergo a lot of sound designing procedures before finding themselves a part of the composition.
And some sound files may not be used at all.

But everyone, who has send a sound file, will be named and listed in the credits (as long as you donīt prohibit this in the attached form sheet) whithout mentioning, if her or his sounds have found their way into the composition or not.
Special email only for this project:
The Form Sheet
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First published: 12 November 2016
Last update: 18 December 2016
Please click here to see some examples from files, which have already arrived.
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