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What is it all about?
The Sound of Water and Ice in its Environmental and Social Context
from all Over the World
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The Details:
The Details of the Project:
What should be recorded?
And here are some ideas of what you may record
(but you are welcome to have more/different ideas of your own):
Natural Sounds... waterfalls, streaming rivers, creeks rippling over stones, seashores, water in caves, in the wood, snow falling from branches, rain, rain falling on leaves, rain into puddles, melting ice, melting and moving glaciers, etc.
All these sounds included the sounds from the environment, the surrounding, the neighbourhood.
Technical Sounds... rain in the city, rain falling on roofs, on cars, on umbrellas. Cars driving along wet streets, driving through puddles, streaming water in drains, water from the tap or from the shower at home, water moving a millwheel etc.
Experiments with
Water, Ice, Snow ...
Walking on snow, jumping into puddles, knocking on ice, ice on ice, blowing a whistle made from ice, boiling water etc.
Please click here to learn about some technical details and documentations.
The Details of the Project:
Technical aspects
and documentation
The Details of the Project:
Rights and Law and Money and all this formality thing
The Details of the Project:
How am I going to use your files?
The Form Sheet
Special email only for this project:
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First published: 12 November 2016
Last update: 18 December 2016
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