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First published: 9 December 2017
Last update: 9 December 2017
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"Grandpa Soundstone"
A Renaissance Soap Opera
"1 Million Mistakes in 100 Parts Leading to Great Results"
"Musik VSTs and More" the parts of the series.
Im grandpa Soundstone and Ive decided to learn something new.
Ive decided to learn coding sound, building MIDI controllers, building sequencers and even synthesizers and samplers, programming microchips and a lot more. I want to know whats going on under the hood of my VSTs, my DAWs, my hardware synths, my controllers and my computers. I want to understand this and I want to influence it myself, want to build, to change and to optimize the goings on, which make my speakers vibrate.
Ive decided to learn everything about computers, thats relevant for making music and sound and building equipment.
And my friends this is no show, no fake learning! Ill really be learning myself in this series.
I will learn, I will let you watch me learning and getting experiences and I hope and think you will learn as well.

So this series is going to be an adventure, a journey through hardware and software and sound and music and music production equipment and instruments and computer languages and physics of sound and and and..."