Grandpa Soundstone Part 4 From Software to Sound

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Grandpa Soundstone Part 4 From Software to Sound

Postby rolf » 3. Nov 2018, 16:29

Part 4 of Grandpa Soundstone´s journey through the land of sound, electronic and computers is online.

Which transformations does the idea, the plan, to create - i.e. - a saw wave undergo in our computers before it get´s audible?

This part 4 - which is part 1 of the "new" Grandpa Soundstone - drafts a logical backbone of the whole process of generating sound with digital tools like computers.

From the idea of a saw wave through it´s mathematical formula and coding in a computer language to "machine code", "0s" and "1s", up to digital to analog converters and audible sound.

Some first and simple examples of how to generate sound using PureData finish this part.

Enjoy your day!

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