Workshop 4

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Workshop 4

Postby rolf » 2. Aug 2018, 18:27

After a quite long break – I apologise for that – my series about FM and PM synthesis continues. Workshop 4 is available now:

In column 1 of workshop 4 I introduce ImageLine´s FM/PM/RM synth “Sytrus”, compare it and its sounds to DEXED and talk about transfering data between DEXED, Sytrus, the DX7 and the Korg Volca FM.
In column 2 I talk about second order frequency/phase modulations, about modulating with waves others than sine waves.
And in column 3 I analyse an orchestral FM preset in Sytrus.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:50 COLUMN 1
0:02:50 Sytrus, the GUI (Overview)
0:03:20 The Main Tab
0:04:12 The Matrix
0:13:09 The Line Editors and Envelopes
0:17:55 Sytrus and DEXED (compared)
0:22:34 Comparing Modulation Envelopes
0:30:08 Transfering data between Sytrus, DEXED, DX7, Korg Volca FM
0:35:28 COLUMN 2
0:35:28 Second Order Modulations
0:37:00 Ratios, Ratios, Ratios
0:38:48 Calculating Second Order Spectra
0:42:10 Miraculously Occuring Partials
0:47:00 More Ratios
0:51:16 Bringing It All Into a System
0:52:46 Developing an Extended System of FM/PM Sounds
1:28:18 Column 3
1:28:18 Analysing an Orchestral FM/PM Preset
1:55:00 Some Words At the End
1:56:29 The End

Enjoy your day!

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Re: Workshop 4

Postby Seacon » 6. Aug 2018, 08:13

As are all your video's on the subject, this is very informative, I look forward to the remaining video's of the series. :D

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