Granular Extractions for Sample Players (CrusherX Part

Discussion and information concerning the series of tutorials about the VST CrusherX on YouTube.
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Granular Extractions for Sample Players (CrusherX Part

Postby rolf » 3. Jul 2018, 14:44

Tutorial 19 about granular synthesis with CrusherX is available now.

It deals with the question: how to extract new exciting future sounds for our sample players from all kinds of sound sources (including field recordings) using granular processes. After a bit more than 98 hours of work this video has got the longest one I´ve ever made: 3 hours and 12 minutes (I´ve split the video in two parts to make downloading easier). And it´s packed with approaches, rules, facts, tricks and hints and a lot of practical examples including a complete case study.
Here´s the

Part A
0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:25 First Approaches
0:04:22 Finding the Right Parameter Constellations
0:05:43 Manipulating Sine Waves
0:09:49 Dealing With Volume Oscillations and Aliasing
0:22:16 Which Type of Grain Window?
0:37:32 How Many Generators?
0:41:18 Some Tricks to Make Life Easier
0:44:51 Dealing With Saw Waves
0:47:35 Dealing with Chords and Chord Progressions
0:58:15 Dealing With Choirs
1:10:27 How to Emphasize With Grains
1:19:59 Dealing With Field Recordings, Part 1: Voices
1:30:29 Dealing With Field Recordings, Part 2: A Shopping Center
1:39:20 Dealing With Field Recordings, Part 3: Rain and Thunder
1:53:34 Dealing With White Noise
1:55:05 Magnifying Sound far Beyond Reality
(or: Diving Down the Mariana Trench of Sound)
Part B
0:00:00 Investigating a Single Grain
0:08:11 Sources of Sound for Granular Manipulations
0:10:30 A Complete Case Study (incl. some words about working systematically)
0:27:16 Finishing Touches
0:44:24 Some Words at the End
0:45:15 Some More Examples and a Complete Little Granular Composition
0:53:02 The End
Enjoy your day!

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