The Series continues

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The Series continues

Postby rolf » 16. May 2018, 16:23

How´s Grandpa Soundstone doing?


Some of you might have noticed, that the series about grandpa Soundstone hasn´t got new parts for some time.

Has the series – which was announced as “100 parts of making mistakes” - been cancelled after only 3 parts?

No, it hasn´t. Grandpa Soundstone (aka Rolf Kasten) is already busy working on part 4. But it needed some conceptual changes.

The series is still …
… about crossing the borders between art and science
… about learning and about documenting the process of learning
… about the mathematcal, technical and physical foundations of music and sound
… about coding software, which shall process sound
… about building hardware modules to produce sound, to controll software and to operate other
… about looking under the hood of computers, learning their structure and how they work in depth

But the series won´t be a live documentation, a one-to-one live recording of the learning process anymore. It´s too lengthy for the viewers to follow the thoughts and mistakes of grandpa Soundstone, sometimes thinking – loudly – for some minutes without doing anything and discovering that he´s wrong in the end. It´s become apparent, that too many of the viewers got bored by some of these long minutes of just trying something without knowing what to expect in the end.

Well, most of the mistakes, which Grandpa Soundstome made while travelling through the land of sound, art and technology, will still be shown and documented – but only those, which contribute to understanding the matter. And not live, but as a condensed version of what had been going on.

The keyword “live”. Grandpa Soundstone´s experiments won´t be shown live anymore. You still will see every step he made and every action he ventured to do, but – again – without long gaps and without minutes of waiting for a process to come to its end while only chatting away to bridge the time.

I will leave some, let´s say “randomness, in the individual parts, but not so often anymore.

Well, that´s it. Part 4 of “Grandpa Soundstone” is comming this summer (I´m working on a project about granular synthesis at the moment and I´m preparing Workshop 4 about FM/PM at the same time), and I hope it´ll meet a bit more enthusiasm that parts 1 to 3 did.

Have a great time!

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