Tutorial 12 The Buchla 259e Module

Discussion and information concerning the series of tutorials about the MODULAR on YouTube.
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Tutorial 12 The Buchla 259e Module

Postby rolf » 3. Mar 2018, 14:50

“Softube Modular the Tutorials part 12: the Buchla 259e unit” is available now:


2 hours and 40 minutes (and 54 seconds :-) ) full of explanations, demonstrations and experiments. Probably the most comprehensive guide to this twisted, crazy and complex west coast module you will find on the web (so far, 3 March 2018).


Content and Timeline:
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:40 Buchla and Moog, West and East
0:01:22 Are They Crazy In California?
0:02:10 Basic Structure
0:03:33 The Principal Oscillator
0:03:38 Frequencies and Pitch
0:04:23 FM and CV Modulation, Similarities and Differences
0:14:08 MIDI
0:26:30 Green and Red Wave Shapes
0:28:30 Morphing Wave Shapes
0:29:39 Warping Waves
0:31:00 Modulating Morph and Warp
0:42:08 The Wave Shapes In Detail
1:24:35 The Waves a, b and c or: “How to Drink the Attic”
1:28:20 The Memory Skew Mode
1:50:05 The Modulation Oscillator
1:50:54 Modulation Shapes and Frequencies
1:55:25 The Pitch Track Mode
2:05:00 Modulating the Modulations
2:15:52 The Modulation Types
2:17:27 The Modulation Index
2:19:45 Softsync
2:26:45 Hardsync
2:29:34 MIDI Sync
2:31:23 AC Coupled Outputs and DC Coupled Outputs
2:34:55 Buchla 259e, The Hardware and the Software: Differences
2:37:25 Some Words at the End
2:40:54 The End

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