Part 1 of 100 (one hundred!!!)

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Part 1 of 100 (one hundred!!!)

Postby rolf » 22. Oct 2017, 14:01

Hello my friends!
The first of 100 (one hundred) parts about the entire realm of music, computers and sound is online now. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sound But Were Afraid to Ask.
Grandpa Soundstone Video 1, Raspberry Pi Part 1:

Let me tell you, what grandpa Soundstone has to say about this project:

I´m grandpa Soundstone and I´ve decided to learn something new. I´ve decided to learn coding sound, building MIDI controllers, building sequencers and even synthesizers and samplers, programming microchips and a lot more.

I want to know what´s going on under the hood of my VSTs, my DAWs, my hardware synths, my controllers and my computers. I want to understand this and I want to influence and master it yself, want to build, to change and to optimise the goings on, which make my speakers vibrate.

I´ve decided to learn everything about computers, that´s relevant for making music and sound and building equipment.

And – my friends – this is no show, no fake learning! I´ll really be learning myself in this series.
I will learn, I will let you watch me learning and getting experiences and I hope – and think – you will learn as well. I may coincidentially come across something I already know, know well enough to explain it to you. But mainly it´s going to be a “learn it yourself by doing it yourself”.

So – this series is going to be an adventure, a journey through hardware and software and sound and music and music production equipment and instruments and computer languages and physics of sound and and and...

It´s going to be a “learn it yourself by doing it yourself”. I´ve ordered a Raspberry Pi to start with.
I don´t now anything about it. I ordered it following the advice of a friend of mine.

And here it is.
It has just arrived.

Let me have a look, what I´ve got here.”

So far the words of grandpa Soundstone. For me there´s only one thing left to say:
Enjoy the journey! (And don´t forget to tell everybody about it.)

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