Tutorial2 Menus and Hidden Functions

A comprehensive series of tutorials about all modules of SoloRack and more.
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Tutorial2 Menus and Hidden Functions

Postby rolf » 7. Oct 2017, 16:41

The second part of my series of tutorials about SoloStuff´s modular softsynth “SoloRack” is online now:

In this second part of the series I talk about the menus and the hidden functions of SoloRack, give some explanations about oversampling and aliasing and build up a famous patch step by step (please see the timeline for details).

The whole series is meant to give you not only a profound knowledge about the modular softsynth SoloRack, but also a remarkable amount of knowledge about modular synthesis and even about sound synthesis in general. It makes it easy to step into the matter, even if you are a complete beginner (You are a professional? Well, you may like the series nevertheless).

00:00 Introduction
00:19 The Preset Menu
01:58 ASpecial Group: Sequences
03:27 Managing Presets using the Windows Browser
05:46 SAVE, LOAD and Alternative Preset Libraries
07:40 The Preset Description and the Authorship
(or: Albi Soundstone attacks Rolf Kasten)
11:40 Oversampling and Aliasing
22:30 About Cables and LEDs
24:38 Expanding and Reducing the Rack
25:25 Fine Tune
25:55 Cable Art
26:45 Copy and Paste Values
28:00 Understanding the Front Panels
34:50 Building Up a Famous Patch Step by Step
42:45 Some Words at the End
45:56 The End
Enjoy your time!

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