Tutorial 1 Installation and Overview

A comprehensive series of tutorials about all modules of SoloRack and more.
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Tutorial 1 Installation and Overview

Postby rolf » 27. Sep 2017, 17:22

I´ve started a new series. And – again – it´s about modular synthesis. I thought SoloStuff´s modular softsynth “SoloRack” worth a whole series of tutorials – and concipated one. Here is the first part: Installation and Overview

It´s a public part. Enjoy it! Rolf

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Download and Installation
02:42 Four Versions of SoloRack
03:15 Loading a Module
03:45 Placing, Replacing and Deleting a Module
04:31 Module Information
04:51 “Always on” and CPU
07:12 Groups of Modules
14:50 Load and Save
15:48 My first Real Patch
24:38 Some Words at the End

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