Tutorial 11 Intellijel´s Korgasmatron II

Discussion and information concerning the series of tutorials about the MODULAR on YouTube.
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Tutorial 11 Intellijel´s Korgasmatron II

Postby rolf » 21. Sep 2017, 20:50

The series is growing and growing: Part 11 of my series of Tutorials about the modules of Softube´s Modular is available now.

It´s all about Intellijel´s multifilter “Korgasmatron II”. 2 hours of explanations, examples, experiments and patches (well, only 1 hour 59 minutes and 32 seconds, to be precise). And like always: instead of a lot of words, here is the
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:35 The Family Tree of Korgasmatron II
0:01:40 The Overall Architecture and the GUI
0:02:16 Internal Signal Paths (A and B), Part 1
(incl. Seriell Mode and Parallel Mode)
0:08:44 XFADE
0:12:56 Seriell Mode
0:16:15 XFADE Modulations
0:21:35 Cutoff Modulations
0:24:20 Internal Signal Paths (A and B), Part 2
(incl. FM2)
0:29:25 1V/OCT and Tuned Self-Resonance
0:34:03 Internal Signal Paths, Part 3
0:36:35 Audio-In, Gain and Clipping
0:43:07 The 2 Lowpass Filters
0:48:00 Q and Q-drive
0:53:10 Distortion and Self-Resonance
0:54:10 Miss Marple and the Case of the Mysterious Partials
1:03:33 The Bandpass Filter
1:17:04 The Highpass Filter
1:22:13 The Bandreject Filter
1:32:30 Patch 1: “Zizzle-Grizzle”
1:40:27 Patch 2: Surfing the Ocean Waves of Partials
1:47:05 Patch 3: A Kind of Canon
1:52:10 Patch 4: A Selfmade Drum Machine
1:55:45 Some Words at the End
1:59:30 The End

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