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Some of you may know it: this forum has a predecessor (using the same name). After being attacked by massive SPAM I had to close and even to remove this predecessor completely. Now we are online again!!!!
There are some certain additional security measurements installed now, which should not disturb a serious user. But - just in case you meet a problem accessing this forum - feel free to report anything disturbing to

But there is also some good news: This new version of the deep-sound divers´ coffeehouse provides a new service. You can now JUMP DIRECTLY to THAT point in the video you want to watch (again). That gives you - combined with the general search functions of the forum - a quite powerful and efficient way of searching for certain matters in the tutorials. The deep-sound divers´ coffeehouse is getting more and more a comprehensive "video manual" of the discussed VSTs and synts that way.

I´ll try to live without forum rules, as I believe in the wisdom and constructivity of all real lovers of sound and sound design.
Have a great day and a good time!
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How to Register

Postby lorien » 16. Jul 2017, 07:05

Hello Everybody!
To avoid SPAM we have to ask you some questions before accepting your registration. Please answer them to enable us to welcome you to our forums.
Please don´t be unhappy about that. The flood of fake-memberships and SPAM attacks make this procedure necessary.
Please register AND send your answers to the following questions to our administrators at
These questions may change from time to time.

Do you mainly work with VSTs or with hardware synths?
Which VSTs/synths do you use most?
Do you work with a DAW and – if yes – which DAW do you use?

Have a great day and a good time!

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Re: How to Register

Postby rolf » 22. Apr 2018, 08:12

From today (21 April 2018) on this forum is a members´forum only, meaning members of Only members´of are able to post in this forum. It is still visible to the public though. In other words: everybody can read the post, but only members of can write their posts here.
To learn how to get a member please visit the members´ area at
Enjoy your day!

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