Tutorial 10 Intellijel Rubicon

Discussion and information concerning the series of tutorials about the MODULAR on YouTube.
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Tutorial 10 Intellijel Rubicon

Postby rolf » 6. Jul 2017, 17:53

I´ve started working on Tutorial 10 about Softube´s Modular. This time I´m going to talk about the module Intellijel “Rubicon”. It´s a prety complex beast and the tutorial will probably be the longest one I´ve ever produced (looks like something about two and a half hour, perhaps even up to three hours). I suppose it´s going to be available at the end of July. For those, who have missed the beginning: Tutorials 1 to 9 start here https://youtu.be/0wEKRCOPTFI

Have a great day and a good time!

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Re: Tutorial 10 Intellijel Rubicon

Postby GrahamD » 18. Jul 2017, 19:07

Looking forward to it Rolf, I love the Sequencer module tutorial.



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Re: Tutorial 10 Intellijel Rubicon

Postby rolf » 19. Jul 2017, 06:40

Great to hear! Thank you, GrahamD!
Tutorial 40 is really going to be "a monster of a tutorial". I´ve spent 2,888 minutes on it so far, the script for the video has reached page 57 inbetween and I´m only just half way through!
I can´t imagine to have it finished by the end of July. Something around half of August seems more likely to me.
Have a great day and a good time!

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Re: Tutorial 10 Intellijel Rubicon

Postby rolf » 27. Jul 2017, 07:22

The production of part 10 of my series about Softube´s Modular – this time about the module “Intellijel Rubicon” - has cleared the next hurdle. After 68 hours and 37 minutes of production time the script is finished and all footage is produced. I´m going to record the voice-over until the end of this week, followed by about 10 days of cutting. I hope the finished video will be available around August 15.
I´m really curious how long it´s going to be in the end. My – so far – longest tutorial was 2 hours and 7 minutes and was based on a script of 51 pages. The script of part 10 is 80 pages long, the footage containes 163 shorter video clips and 115 graphs and screenshots. Well – it´s about “Rubicon”!
Have a great day and a good time!

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It´s done !!!

Postby rolf » 3. Aug 2017, 13:47

It´s done again! The “Rubicon” tutorial is available (part 10 of my series about Softube´s Modular). With about 95 hours of production time (included some night shifts) it´s got the longest and most comprehensive – so far – tutorial I´ve ever made: nearly 3 hours of explanations, experiments – and some jokes. And it´s not only the most comprehensive tutorial I have ever produces, it is – so far – also the most comprehensive tutorial about “Rubicon” on the Internet (disprove it, if you can :-))!


0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:38 The Front Panel: Ovverview and Groups
0:02:15 The Outputs: The Waveforms
0:03:10 The Inputs: Groups of Functionalities
0:04:38 Ranges of Frequencies
0:08:33 The Waveform Switches
0:08:44 Sine, Sigmoid and Double Sigmoid
0:12:30 Pulse, Centered and Edge Aligned, Merging Waves, PW, PWM
0:29:19 Pulse Width Modulation
0:32:17 Softsync (“Flip”)
0:33:48 Terminology
0:34:42 Relations of Frequencies, Master and Slave
0:40:00 Non-Integer Relations
0:41:47 Different Waveforms of the Slave
0:52:55 Different Classes of Spectra
1:16:00 Different Waveforms of the Master
1:18:48 Hardsync
1:20:11 Comparing Hardsync and Softsync
1:24:26 Master-Slave Frequency Relations with Different Kinds of Master-Waves
1:30:14 Rubicon as Master and Rubicon as Slave
1:33:10 The Magic of Zig-Zag
1:35:03 Rubicon-Square versus A-110-Square
1:43:34 SUB: Syncing to Death
1:44:58 Networks of Masters and Slaves
1:46:40 Exponential Frequency Modulation
1:47:05 Just for the Beginners: Some Explanations of Basic Terms
1:48:00 Frequency Modulation
1:49:43 Exponential Frequency Modulation
1:51:42 Linear Frequency Modulation
1:53:07 Through Zero Frequency Modulation
1:58:42 First Exponential Frequency Modulation with Rubicon
2:02:02 Attenuating the Strength of Modulation
2:03:44 Modulating the Modulation
2:07:49 A “Melody of Sounds” with MIDI-Notes as Modulators, Microtonal Scales,
Macrotonal Scales
2:10:25 Some Typical Littler Patches
2:15:07 Through Zero Frequency Modulation
2:15:25 SYMMETRY
2:20:40 INDEX
2:26:10 And again: SYMMETRY
2:28:17 Detour: The 20% Principle
2:29:40 SYMMETRY and “Negative” Frequencies
2:34:38 “A Singing Modulator” or “Rubicon Gets Rid of Its Voice”
2:46:58 Reflecting Partials and Splitting Partials
2:48:30 Future Prospects
2:51:40 Some Words at the End
The End at 2:52:38

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Re: Tutorial 10 Intellijel Rubicon

Postby rolf » 3. Aug 2017, 18:59

Hello Philip S.
Thank you for donating (twice. once for tutorial 9 and once for tutorial 10). I´d really love to send you the 2 links, but you have forgotten to mention your email adi!
Please write to me at rofilm@seznam.cz
Have a great time!

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Mistake in Tutorial 10 !!! SORRY!!!

Postby rolf » 4. Aug 2017, 16:39

There is a small mistake in the graph at about 1h 40m.
I talk about the fact, that the A-110 has a sawtooth core, whereas Rubicon´s core wave is a triangle.
But the graph - unfortunately - shows the triangle wave as the origin even with the A-110. That´s wrong. What I´m telling is right, but what the left part of the graph shows is wrong. The little red arrows should start at the saw wave and lead from there to all three of the other waves.
Once again: I appologise!

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