BAZILLE Patch Analysis 5 Acid Moon -- A3

Discussion and information concerning the series "Patch Analysis" of Bazille´s factory presets on YouTube.
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BAZILLE Patch Analysis 5 Acid Moon -- A3

Postby rolf » 14. May 2017, 09:14

Bazille Patch Analysis 5 “Acid moom – A3” is available now.

The patch consists of a complex combination of quite different elements.
Not only sound building and sound shaping components like
phase modulation and frequency modulation,
phase distortion
and so on,
but also a wide spectrum of rhythmical blocks
are involved in the patch,
together with drones and sweeps and blibs
and a whole bunch of modulations, partly modulating not only the units which build or shape the sound, but also modulating each other.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:03 Identify and Single Out Each Component
0:02:59 The Handling of White Noise
0:03:21 A Network of Filters Part 1
0:15:11 A Network of Filters Part 2
0:24:00 The Ramp Generators
0:31:15 A Bit of Sequencing Noise
0:33:44 From Noise to Fractalization
0:36:25 PM, PD and Fractalization
0:38:28 BAZILLE and the DX 7
0:40:56 A Bit More of FM/PM
0:44:03 And Again: Fractalization
0:50:55 A Kind of a Kick
0:52:27 The Mapping Generators
0:57:26 The Inverter and the LAG Generators
1:08:50 LFO Puzzle
1:13:45 PM/FM, BPM and the DAW
1:22:23 Last Components and All Together
1:32:50 Some Words at the End

Have a great day and a good time!

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