Sound and Video files have already arrived

Open project. Recording the sounds of water, ice, snow etc. from all over the world to create a huge composition. More details at
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Sound and Video files have already arrived

Postby rolf » 14. Dec 2016, 20:46

Well now, some recordings have already arrived. Thank you all so far. I´ve also found the time to put two videos online. One from the Czech republich and one from Hannover, Germany (thank you Oliver!). I´m still collecting and will be doing that for quite a time, before I begin extracting sound and composing. I hope to get recordings from as many places from all over the world as possible.
Once again I ask you: Please share this project, take part in it and help making it big. It´s more than “only” sound and music. And seriously: don´t care about the “standard” or “quality” of your recording equipment (even if some HiFi recordings are appreciated).
Ok, the two first videos – only to give you a quick impression – I mentrioned above are here:
and here:

And the detailed description of the whole project you find here:

Have a great day and a good time!

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