Tutorial 17 The new SWEEP functionality

Discussion and information concerning the series of tutorials about the VST CrusherX on YouTube.
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Tutorial 17 The new SWEEP functionality

Postby rolf » 8. Apr 2017, 19:03

I´m working on Tutorial 17 about CrusherX (the new version, of course). It´s all about the new SWEEP functionalitry and it´s going to be huge! If you can´t imagine a video talking about SWEEP for far more than an hour (!), well, let me surprise you! And if I told you, that even more than an hour doesn´t suffice to go deep into every exciting aspect of sound design using SWEEP, would you believe me? Well – you should!
I hope to have it all done by the end of April (perhaps a bit earlier).
I´ll publish a trailer in “VSTs in depth” then.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCI2wX ... rYzVBLOAvw

Stay tuned!
Have a great day and a good time!

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Re: Tutorial 17 The new SWEEP functionality

Postby rolf » 23. Apr 2017, 11:10

And it is done again !!!!!
Tutorial 17 about the New SWEEP Functionality is available now. Please read the timeline for details. It´s a monster of a tutorial, really!
Here is the link to the YouTube trailer:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:20 The Importance of SWEEP
0:03:10 The Linear Mode and the System of SWEEP
0:04:00 The Frequency of SWEEP
0:04:54 SWEEP and the Length od the Grains
0:05:56 SWEEP and Frequency Modulation
0:08:45 Interaction 1: SWEEP and SPEED
0:09:55 The SWEEP Mode “Steps”
0:14:15 Shaping Sound
0:15:36 Universal Step Patterns (Save and Load)
0:17:08 Reset, Create, Mirror, Invert
0:18:20 Values and the Heights of the Steps
0:21:30 Limited SWEEP Offset
0:22:22 Values, Values, Values …
0:24:58 The SWEEP Mode “Spline”
0:27:15 A Kind of FM again
0:28:11 Creating “Sawish” Sounds
0:29:30 Creating “Squarish” Sounds
0:31:28 Getting Rid of the Original Wave
0:38:50 Some Sci-Fi Sounds from the 1950s
0:43:17 Modulating SWEEP
0:45:45 In-Depth now: SPEED and SWEEP interacting
0:46:39 A Kind of Analogue Sequencing
0:51:30 Modulationg SWEEP again: the Values
0:53:00 Wiping Out SWEEP by Adding Modulations
0:55:54 SWEEP and Different Classes of Sound
1:01:29 Source 1: Melody and SWEEP
1:01:32 Melody and Long Grains
1:10:11 Melody and Short Grains
1:14:20 Melody and Very Short Grains
1:18:13 Source 2: Soundscapes and SWEEP
1:18:18 Soundscapes and Long Grains
1:27:18 Soundscapes and Short Grains
1:31:23 Soundscapes and Very Short Grains
1:34:16 Source 3: Waterfalls and SWEEP
1:34:18 Waterfalls and Long Grains
1:39:34 Waterfalls and Short Grains
1:40:40 Waterfalls and Very Short Grains
1:47:10 Source 4: Percussion and SWEEP
1:48:17 Percussion and Long Grains
1:51:58 Percussion and Short Grains
1:54:29 Some Aspects of Synchronisation and Rhythms
2:02:30 Persussion and Very Short Grains
2:08:57 Some Words at the End

Enjhoy it!
Have a great day and a good time!

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Re: Tutorial 17 The new SWEEP functionality

Postby rolf » 28. Apr 2017, 20:12

Granular Processing of Sound
Well, well, well, some of you have already realized it:
With tutorial 17 I´ve started to talk about a vital question of all kinds of granular processing:
“What sound material can I sensefully apply granular processing to?”
and related to that another one:
“How does the raw material determine the way and the kind of my granular processing?”

These questions will be further dealt with in tutorial 18.
(Right now I´m doing some patch analysis with u-he´s BAZILLE, being available in the second half of May.)

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