Tutorial 14 Modulation

Discussion and information concerning the series of tutorials about the VST CrusherX on YouTube.
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Tutorial 14 Modulation

Postby rolf » 16. Oct 2016, 15:08

Tutorials 1 to 12 will gradually get indexed as fast as possible.
Please click at the link in the timeline to jump directly to a chapter in the video.
Have a great day and a good time!

Tutorial 14: Modulation
00:00 Intro https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok
00:30 Parameter modulation and Cloud modulation https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=0m25s
02:55 Range of a parameter and modulation https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=2m50s
03:28 Sine, triangle, sawUp/Dn, rectangle https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=3m23s
04:20 Random and random line https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=4m15s
05:24 PM field https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=5m19s
06:14 The "OFF" modes with SPEED https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=6m9s
06:50 OffDn(O%) https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=6m45s
07:51 Off(50%) https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=7m46s
08:15 OffUp(100%) https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=8m10s
08:58 The "OFF" modes with various parameters https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=8m53s
09:10 OFF with BIRTH, DELAY, LENGTH https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=9m5s
10:22 OFF with SWEEP https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=10m17s
11:13 OFF with XCRUSH, OVERDRIVE, FILTER FREQ and Q https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=11m8s
12:14 OFF with VOLUME https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=12m9s
14:08 OFF with PANORAMA https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=14m3s
16:40 The Use of the "OFF" modes and PHASE https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=16m35s
18:30 MIDI modulation modes https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=18m25s
18:48 Cloud modulation https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=18m43s
22:00 Soundscape based on modulations https://youtu.be/LtsB7PXg0ok#t=21m55s

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