Tutorial 5 The S321 FM/PM Oscillator

A comprehensive series of tutorials about all modules of SoloRack and more.
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Tutorial 5 The S321 FM/PM Oscillator

Postby rolf » 1. Apr 2018, 08:58

Part 5 of my series of tutorials about SoloStuff´s “SoloRack” modular VST synthesizer is available now. It is all about frequency modulation – linear as well as exponential – and phase modulation. The video introduces and explains the S321 FM/PM oscillator module.

1 hour and 40 minutes long, more than 39 hours of production time, 54 graphs and pics, 69 short clips, and here is the

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:33 Basic Terms and Principles of FM/PM
0:01:15 FM versus PM
0:04:00 Exponential versus Linear
0:06:23 The GUI (FrontPanel)
0:08:33 Pitch Range and Tuning
0:12:16 The Matrix
0:23:30 Algorithms
0:38:04 Feedback Loops
0:39:53 A Kind of System of FM Patches
0:40:10 Creating SAW Waves
0:42:20 Creating Square Waves
0:43:30 Creating Triangle Waves
0:46:38 Leaving the Field of Pure Sine Wave Modulation
0:50:04 Certain C : M Relations
0:54:30 Real FM (at last)
0:59:35 Comparing PM, Linear FM and Exponential FM
1:15:32 Modulating the Strength of FM and PM
1:27:00 Patching Complex Sounds: Slap Bass
1:33:03 Patching Somplex Sounds: Harpsichord plus Bass
1:34:50 From the Montains of Madness (sorry, Mr. Lovecraft)
1:36:18 Some Words at the End
1:39:04 The End

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