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Lifetime licenses

Postby rolf » 29. Jul 2017, 17:49

Hello to all Deep-Sound Divers!
There will be lifetime licenses available again. But only a limited number and even this limited number is going to be on offer only for a short time:
From Tuesday 2017-08-01 until Thursday 2017-08-31 there will be 16 (sixteen) lifetime licenses for my tutorials and videos available. The first 16 people, who send me an email to AND fulfil the conditions will get a license. The fact, that lifetime licenses are going to be available again at all is due to a certain number of quite convincing arguments of interested "sound-junkies", which have reached me. The limitations (in number and time) are due to personal/private circumstances, which don´t have to be discussed here.

If you are interested in getting such a license and - of course - want to know the conditions, please send me an email to:

Have a great day and a good time!


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