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Some of you may know it: this forum has a predecessor (using the same name). After being attacked by massive SPAM I had to close and even to remove this predecessor completely. Now we are online again!!!!
There are some certain additional security measurements installed now, which should not disturb a serious user. But - just in case you meet a problem accessing this forum - feel free to report anything disturbing to rofilm-media.net.

But there is also some good news: This new version of the deep-sound divers´ coffeehouse provides a new service. You can now JUMP DIRECTLY to THAT point in the video you want to watch (again). That gives you - combined with the general search functions of the forum - a quite powerful and efficient way of searching for certain matters in the tutorials. The deep-sound divers´ coffeehouse is getting more and more a comprehensive "video manual" of the discussed VSTs and synts that way.

I´ll try to live without forum rules, as I believe in the wisdom and constructivity of all real lovers of sound and sound design.
Have a great day and a good time!
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